Keg Coolers – Tips and Idea

People who like to go out and have a few drinks know how important it is to have their beer chilled to the proper temperature. While it is possible to chill beer in the refrigerator at home, beer is bulky and can take up a lot of the space intended for food. If you have a recreation room or garage with a little extra space, keg coolers are the perfect way to keep perfectly cooled beer on tap for any party or celebration at home.

Why Not Use the Refrigerator? keep a keg cold

While it is possible to cool cases of beer in the refrigerator, this can take up a lot of space. Further, coolers specially designed for chilling beer can be set to the exact temperature that you prefer to drink your beverage, rather than the temperature you need to preserve your refrigerated goods. Another advantage to a dedicated beer cooler is that they are designed to hold an entire keg. Kegs are much more cost-effective than purchasing beer in bottles and cans and many argue that the taste is better and more comparable to what you can get in a bar setting. A cooler for chilling kegs can also be stored in whatever space you prefer to entertain, thus eliminating the need for frequent trips to the kitchen.

Where to Get a Cooler

It is possible to buy one of these coolers through online retailers or, possibly, at a local home brewing supply store. However, many people choose to convert old refrigerators or freezers to beer coolers themselves. Instructions are easy to find online and provide an excellent option for people who like to reduce environmental impact. To further simplify things, it is possible to buy kits through online retailers that include all you need to convert your old refrigerator or freezer into a new beer-chilling device. While keg coolers may seem extravagant, they can be affordable appliances with a lot of potential for home entertaining.

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